The 12 best beauty blogs in English

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Looking for the best beauty tips? Discover the fascinating world of beauty through the 12 most inspiring and educational blogs! Immerse yourself in a universe full of tips, tricks and the latest trends that will help you highlight your unique beauty. 

Starting today you will have no problem finding skin care tips and makeup tutorials, because these blogs will be your ultimate guide to achieve the best version of yourself. 

Join us on this exciting tour and discover the secrets these beauty experts have to share with you. Your journey to beauty starts here!

What are the best beauty blogs in English?

Explore the world of beauty through the best blogs in English and discover new techniques and innovative products that will help you enhance your beauty from professionals in the field. Here we go!

The Beautyholic

The beautyholic is a blog dedicated to beauty and skin care. With an attractive design and easy navigation, it offers detailed product reviews, makeup tutorials and personal care tips. The author shares personal experiences, creating an authentic connection with readers. In addition, the blog features up-to-date information on the latest beauty trends, making it a trusted source for those looking to stay young.

The Budget Fashionista

One of the best beauty blogs in English, it offers inspirational content on how to look stylish without spending a fortune. With well-written articles and attractive photographs, the blog provides practical fashion tips, budget-friendly trend roundups and suggestions for creating fashionable looks without sacrificing budget. It’s an essential guide for those looking for style without breaking the bank.

Beauty News NYC

It is a dynamic platform focused on beauty and wellness. With a modern design and easy navigation, it offers detailed product reviews, trend analysis and exclusive interviews with beauty experts. Its informative articles range from skin care to general health, providing readers with a comprehensive source of wellness and beauty information.


Momooze is a vibrant blog that focuses on motherhood and lifestyle. With an attractive design, it addresses diverse topics such as parenting, fashion and wellness. It offers insightful articles on the mothering experience, practical tips and product reviews. Specialized sections, from fashion to health tips, make Momooze a valuable resource for modern moms looking for varied and useful information.

Eluxe Magazine / Beauty

It is a site dedicated to sustainable and conscious beauty. It features sophisticated content on ethical beauty products, eco-friendly trends and exclusive interviews with industry leaders. With a sleek design, the blog highlights brands committed to sustainability and shares practical tips for a conscious beauty routine, making it an essential resource for ethical beauty lovers.

The Mood Guide could not be missing among the best beauty blogs in English. The reason? It offers an immersive experience with its modern design and diverse content. It covers a variety of topics such as fashion tips and home ideas. In addition, it stands out for its detailed product reviews, shopping guides and informative wellness articles. In short, this blog serves as a guide for those looking to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and lifestyle tips.

She Began

This blog focuses on empowering women through diverse content. With an attractive design, it addresses topics ranging from entrepreneurship to wellness. It features profiles of successful women, motivational articles and practical advice. The active and engaged community makes Shebegan a valuable source of information and support for women seeking inspiration and resources to move their lives forward.

Fashionterest / Beauty

This blog is so dynamic that it fascinates with its elegant design. It offers detailed reviews, trends and practical beauty tips. You’ll find relevant information on makeup, skin care and hair care, providing comprehensive coverage of the industry. Its diversity of topics, from tutorials to news, makes it an essential guide for beauty enthusiasts.

Ford la Femme

If you are looking for diverse fashion, lifestyle and wellness content, then is your best choice, as their detailed reviews and informative articles provide a fresh and updated view. Not to mention its fashion tips and lifestyle suggestions, which make this blog an essential guide for those looking to stay on top of the latest trends and practical advice needed to improve their image.

The Fashiongton Post

Fashiongton Post stands out for its attractive design and diverse content covering fashion, art and lifestyle. It offers exclusive interviews, event reviews and current trends, making it a necessary resource for fashion lovers. The variety of topics, from fashion to art, makes it a must-have guide to stay on top of the contemporary scene.

Style Rave

Style Rave is a must-have source for fashion and style enthusiasts. With versatile content, it covers fashion and beauty trends. Its informative articles and reviews keep readers up to date on the latest news in the fashion industry, providing a valuable reference for those looking to stay on top of the latest trends and style news.

Khadija Beauty

This blog stands out for its focus on beauty and skin care. With diverse content including product reviews, makeup tutorials and beauty tips, it becomes a meaningful source for those looking to improve their self-care routine. The personal experiences shared by the author create an authentic connection with readers.

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