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What is a press release?

Press release

This is a newsworthy news release that contains important information or news about your business such as milestones, mentions or awards. A press release is a digital marketing text that consists of two pages (maximum) and is sent to journalists so that your business appears in media such as magazines, newspapers, radio, etc.

Diffusion in newspapers

This is one of the best ways to get important media to publicize your company. But before sending any text, you have to work hard on your communication. Remember that this text is sent to the media, they will read it and you have to catch the journalist’s attention to be published in that media.

How to write a press release?

As we have already mentioned, writing a press release requires a lot of work. There must be a balance between communication (what you want them to know about you) and creativity (how to draw the journalist’s attention so that they take it into account).

First of all, before writing a press release, think about whether you really have something to say. This is extremely important; we cannot send a press release for every communication we want to make. It is important that what we are telling in our press release is of interest, attracts attention and can be disseminated in whatever channels.

Publishing press releases is not easy, that’s why you have to dedicate time, care and attention to detail. Think of it as the way you are telling a journalist you don’t know to listen to you so that they will talk about you. It has to tell something interesting and have value for the media in which the journalist works.

Press release structure

First, think that a press release is written in the same way as any article that may appear on our website. Before sending a press release, you must be clear that it is a digital marketing document. There are some standards that almost all press releases follow, so we wanted to compile them here so that you have everything you need before sending the release.

This is basically the most important part. You have to be concise in what you want to transmit, writing a short and direct headline is very important. Remember that journalists receive dozens of press releases a day.


You have to capture the journalist’s attention with the communication you are sending them. Forget the slogan of your company or business, that is not a press release, it is another section within digital marketing. Be direct, simple and write a headline so that the journalist has the intention of reading your press release.

The lead paragraph

Once we have captured the journalist’s attention, and they are ready to read our press release, we are going to capture their interest again by summarizing the most important things we are going to tell them later on.


This paragraph, which should not exceed 5 lines of text, should be direct, precise and clear. You can even use an introductory sentence and list the most important points of the text in a list.

Place and date

These are two very simple pieces of information that often go unnoticed when sending a press release but must be taken into account. Think that you are sending a statement to an online newspaper, in addition to the sections that the newspaper has, most of the digital publications have sections by city or province.


The press release may not be very relevant if we are talking about technology, but it may be relevant if we are talking about technology in Guadalajara. Most likely, the newspaper or magazine will want that content to fill their Guadalajara section with information.

Body of the press release

We get to the heart of the communication. This is where we must develop the information about what we are communicating. Remember, a press release is an informative text about general information about a company that the public relations team or the marketing department writes to tell something about your business.


The usual size of this section is 5 paragraphs of no more than 5 or 6 lines each. Remember that this is being read by a person who receives a lot of content every day and who, based on what you send them, has to write a news item or a press release.


Do not bore them, use a direct and simple style, try to include quotes whenever possible (for instance, a quote from the CEO of the company), these are usually highlighted later in the media and make the readers pay attention to what they are reading.


You can include a link to take advantage and improve the SEO positioning of your website, but only include one link. Try not to link every time you mention your company or business as it will look like you are spamming, nobody likes to receive a text full of links that lead to the same website.

Note to the editor

This is a space where you can communicate directly with the journalist who is reading the press release; you can take advantage of this space to make any clarification so that the journalist can find a position and have a slightly more specific vision of your company.


Who are you? What do you do? Why are you sending the press release? These are some of the details that can be specified in this area so that they have a more concise idea of why you are contacting them.

Contact information

It is very important to remember to include the name of your public relations or marketing manager as well as the e-mail address and telephone number so that if the journalist has any questions, they can quickly contact you.

When to send a press release?

In addition to taking into account the quality of the content we are sending, we must be sure about the best time to send our press release. It is useless, for instance, to send a press release with the milestones achieved by your company on a Friday afternoon.

Nobody will take it into account, and it will go unnoticed in the inbox of the journalist to whom we have sent it, perhaps by the time they read it, it is too late and our communication is irrelevant.

The best time to send a press release depends a lot on our business and what we are telling, remember that it is a text that is being sent to professionals who have to write news or reports every day and who receive press releases continuously.

There is certainly no perfect time to send a press release. Each journalist is different, that is why it is important to hire press release management and distribution services, and otherwise you would have to know each journalist of each media to know when is the ideal moment for them to receive our press release.

Based on our experience in communication and public relations, we recommend that, if you are going to do it on your own, you do it between Monday and Thursday and it is very important that you do it in the morning. The messages of the previous day are read in a different way since the journalist will finish arriving at their job and it is not the same to attract attention with a new email than with one that was sent at 9:00 p.m. yesterday.

Improve your visibility with a press release

Finally, we would like to give you a few tips as you are going to send a press release to improve your visibility on the internet. This is essential for the press releases we send to digital media.
Use the best keywords

Try to identify what terms you want to be covered in your press release; this will make any links that go to your business page more relevant to the content you have submitted in the press release.

It must be easy to read

If you are sending a press release to be published in a magazine or newspaper, when you write it, think that it is possible that they will copy and paste the content (body of the press release) directly to their website and add an image to it.


Therefore, it is important that the paragraphs are short and above all, that they are easy to read. The reading has to be dynamic.

Include multimedia content

It is increasingly important to include multimedia content in your communications. This means that the person who comes to read your press release does not have to make such an effort to just read a text.


Including images or videos will make your press release much more attractive and enjoyable for the reader.

Don't forget the link

It might seem obvious but it is not. Since we invest our time and money in writing and publishing a press release, let’s take the opportunity to get a link from a quality media (newspapers or magazines) and improve the SEO positioning of your website.


We recommend you to insert the link in the first paragraph of the press release as an introduction or maybe in the last paragraph as a final closing of the press release.

Diffusion in social networks

When choosing a media to publish your press release it is important to know if that media will make it public on their social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.) if not, let’s do it ourselves.


Take advantage of the fact that a media has talked about your business and let people know publicly on social networks that a quality media has talked about your business. This will give your followers on social networks a much more professional view of your activity.

Where to publish press releases?

In order to publish press releases and with the constant growth in this business, companies have emerged that streamline the management and distribution of press releases. You simply have to write the document, register with a press release management and distribution service and send the release.

There are free press release publication services but they will only appear in some specific newsletters. In Linkatomic, we are working so that you can send press releases directly to online newspapers and specialized media of your area in which we guarantee the publication in at least 15 media, we even help you in the writing of your press release at no additional cost.

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