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If you have any doubt, we answer frequent questions in order to satisfy all the asked aspects of the platform.

1. Why should I use Linkatomic?

Get qualified links in your sector websites is elementary to improve your SEO and increase your audience.


You can publish sponsored posts, articles and press releases in digital newspapers, also in websites and blogs of your topic.


Plan your marketing strategy with Linkatomic and improve your search engine optimization, increasing the direct and organic traffic.

2. How to buy articles to improve your SEO?

Use our platform to find newspapers, websites and blog available for advertising your website, buy articles, reviews and press releases filtering for thematic, country, domain antiquity and prize.


We offer you the facilities for you to find the ideal media and websites to promote and advertise your project.

3. How many links my article should have?

The owner of each website define the number of links are authorized. We have allowed a maximum of 4 backlinks per article. In the details of each media you can see how many links you can add to your article.

4. Does this backlinks help me to increase positions in the search engines?

Of course yes! The search engines transfer authority to other websites through links. When other websites publish articles with backlinks to yours, they are trespassing authority.

5. May I define every link in the articles?

Yes. In the details of your order, you can define the type of link. The best ones are Follow links, but sometimes is useful to get Nofollow links or Sponsored.

6. How many time is required to get published my articles?

When you select one media and finished an article purchase, the owner of the web will have 48 hours to accept or decline the order. Once is accepted we start working in your article.

7. Can I review and modify the article?

Yes. Once you have the article’s url and the delivery date has passed, there is an extra time to request a revision and modify the article to publish.

8. Can the articles contain images or videos?

Yes. The editor will add one or more images to your article to improve the quality and increase visitor’s reading time. To add a YouTube video, paste the url for the editor to embed it in the post.

9. What is the minimum amount to advertise me?

The minimum income is 10€ but we recommend an income higher than 100€ that allows you to buy articles in different media to improve your visibility in search engines and increase your audience.

10. How to deposit money in your advertiser wallet?

You can deposit balance through PayPal or bank transfer and use it to buy sponsored articles in all our media. Your available balance will appear in your advertiser wallet.

If you already have starting querys or another question do not doubt to get in touch with our support service. You will have an answer in less than 24 hours.

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