The 16 best pet & animal blogs in English

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In the vast digital universe, those passionate about the animal kingdom find refuge in the blogosphere, where fauna and flora are intertwined with captivating stories and expert knowledge. 

Surfing the web in search of the best pet and animal blogs in English is like entering a fascinating virtual zoo, where each entry is a window into the majesty of the animal kingdom. 

Join us on this digital journey as we uncover some of the most intriguing and educational nooks and crannies animal lovers can explore in the vastness of the web. Get ready for a feast of fascination and discovery!

What are the animal blogs in English that you can’t miss?

Immerse yourself in captivating digital wildlife with featured blogs. Each one is a unique window into the amazing animal kingdom.

Yorkie Passion

At Yorkie Passion, the fascination with Yorkshire Terriers comes to life. This vibrant and educational blog offers practical advice, heartwarming stories and unique insight into caring for these charming canines. Discover detailed information, inspiring stories and an engaged community of Yorkie lovers.

Dogs Best Life

One of the best animal blogs in English as it identifies with canine wisdom. When you enter this site you will discover a treasure trove of expert advice on dog health, training and lifestyle. Learn practical insights and enriching perspectives to forge a stronger bond with your faithful friend.

Nature World News

Here, the animal kingdom comes to life. This blog is a window into the planet’s biodiversity, offering scientific news, fascinating research and unique observations about animal life. Upon entering, you will begin an informative journey that will reveal to you the extraordinary beauty and complexity of nature.


This is the very blog of the American Terrier Association. Once you log in, you’ll find a digital sanctuary for terrier lovers. With informative articles on health, care and training, this site is essential for terrier owners. Connect with the community and improve the life of your canine companion.

Wild Hearted

Passion for wildlife is displayed in every post on this blog, as it ranges from gripping stories and captivating images to practical advice for those with a wild heart. Each article connects you with nature and the beauty of wildlife.

A1 Savannahs

If you’re a cat lover, then this blog is a must on your list. The reason? It’s a source of valuable information on exotic breeds, expert care and unique feline experiences. Connect with the cat-loving community and deepen your appreciation for these graceful companions.

Caring Pets

This site is a window into the life of exotic cats, offering information on care, behavior and endearing anecdotes. Immerse yourself in the universe of special cat breeds and connect with passionate feline lovers.

Russian Dog

At Russiandog, canine diversity is the star, especially if you are in Russia. Upon entering, you’ll immediately notice that this blog celebrates Russian breeds, offering detailed information on their history, characteristics and care. From the imposing Borzoi to the loyal Ovcharka, dive into the fascinating world of Russian dogs with captivating stories and practical advice.

My Animals

The harmony between humans and animals comes to life in this blog. Educational articles, heartwarming stories and practical advice make it a digital haven for pet lovers. Discover a passionate community that celebrates the special bond between humans and their furry companions.

Barking Royalty

Explore Barking Royalty, where canine royalty takes center stage. This blog offers detailed information on dog care, training and health. Discover expert articles, heartwarming stories and helpful tips to give your best friend a happy and healthy life.


Birds could not be missing in this list of the best animal blogs in English. This site is a rich source of information on ornithology, offering fascinating facts, birding guides and articles exploring winged diversity. Become a passionate birder with this valuable platform.

Pet Dog Planet

At Pet Dog Planet, life with dogs becomes a fascinating journey. This blog offers informative resources on canine care, training and accessories. From product reviews to practical tips, join the community that celebrates the joy of having a furry friend.

Empire Tarantula

The best option if you want to learn everything about spiders. This blog is a complete guide with detailed information on spider care, habitats and arachnid curiosities. From enthusiasts to novice owners, find a community dedicated to the fascinating life of tarantulas.

Two Plus Dogs

At Two Plus Dogs, canine life is presented in all its splendor. This blog is a treasure trove of family anecdotes, training tips and experiences of dogs and their humans. Discover the dog world through authentic stories and valuable insights.

Labrador Time

This blog is a compendium of experiences, tips and useful facts for owners of the Labrador breed of dog. From specific care to endearing anecdotes, immerse yourself in the celebration of the unique connection between humans and these loyal companions.


This blog is a digital window into the richness of our planet, offering detailed information on fauna, flora and conservation. Explore informative articles, exciting research and valuable insights into our world’s biological diversity.

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