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If you are looking for free icons to enhance a creative project, you need to know how to find them. Of course, there are plenty of sites on the web where you can download thousands of them, but be aware that many are not of the quality you expect. So take a look at the best sites where you can download free icons.

As you know, icons are important resources because they give an understanding of a text just by placing an image. That is to say, with a design of these characteristics you can recognise the idea behind a creative project, a web page and simply, any publication in social networks.

In this context, icons can be seen as part of a universal language, in which many people, no matter what country they are in or what language they speak, will always understand what you mean. It is the same with road signs, they are universal. Therefore, it is important that you know where to download free icons so that your projects have the best design.

Where can you download free icons?

In this article we have a list of the best sites where you can download free icons. All of them have an intuitive interface where you can download them without any problem. There are plenty of models and styles, you just have to choose the ones that really represent you and your project.

Smashing Magazine

1st in the ranking of best FREE icon download sites: Smashing Magazine #Icons @smashingmag Tweet

There is no doubt that Snashing Magazine is one of the best websites to find icons for free. In addition, it has a wide catalogue of icons of the highest quality. Variety is its forte and you can find them in different formats, including PNG, SVG and PSD. Among other things, they are easy to download and use in your project.


2nd in the ranking of best FREE icon download sites: icons8 #Photos #Icons #Icons #Illustrations @icons_8 Tweet

This is a free icon search engine, whose database houses more than 125 thousand icons ready for download. When you’re there, you can download in SVG and PNG formats in more than 32 different styles. To give you an example, you’ll find icons for Android in the ‘Material’ style. As well as Windows icons in ‘Modern’ style.

One of the best features of Icons8 is that you can edit these icons. Add effects, change the colours, layers, fill, background, and more. The maximum download size is 100 pixels in PNG format.

Icons Mind

3rd in the ranking of the best FREE icon download sites: Icons Mind @icons_mind Tweet

This website has more than 3 thousand icons grouped in more than 50 different categories. If you want to have high quality and completely sharp elements pixel by pixel, Iconsmind is the perfect place to download free icons.

In addition, it offers you more than 9 different formats to make it compatible with different operating systems and programs. It is very versatile, you can use these icons on platforms like iOS and Android as well. If your project is cross-platform, the icons you will download here will be very useful for you.

Captain Icon

4th in the ranking of best FREE icon download sites: Captain Icon Tweet

This site calls itself a designer site, which can give you more than 300 icons in vector form. All in Webfont, EPS, PSD, PNG, SVG and more. This site hosts icons and templates so you can make your own designs, no matter how good you are at it.

It doesn’t matter if you have no experience, basic experience or if you are an expert designer, Captain Icon will teach you how to make icons and if you want them already made, you can download them for free.


5th in the ranking of the best sites to download FREE icons: Freepik #Icons #Pictures #Images @freepik Tweet

Freepik’s database of free icons is huge. On this site you will find quite striking and beautiful icons, so it is one of the best sites to download them in multiple formats so you can put them on various platforms, operating systems and software.

Besides being free, to use them, you have to attribute them every time you download them. In other words, Freepik requires you to give credits on your website every time you use and download icons from there.


6th in the ranking of the best sites to download FREE icons: Visualpharm #Icons #Design #Images Tweet

This site can be defined as a library with thousands of vector icons, which are free. This means that you can download them in SVG format, so that you can use them in various resolutions (up to HD) and use them in your projects, whether they are personal, branded or simply commercial. You can also download them in other file formats.

Visualpharm also requires attribution, where you have to reference the website every time you use its icons, just by linking to the Visualpharm site.


7th in the ranking of the best sites to download FREE icons: Iconscout @IconScout #Icons Tweet

This site offers just under a million free and premium icons, making it one of the fastest growing sites of its kind on the web. One of the best features they have is their plug-in for Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, Office tools and Adobe Photoshop.

To make it work, all you have to do is install the plug-in and drag the icons into the design you are making, no matter the platform. Multiple formats are available, including PNG, SVG and PSD.


8th in the ranking of the best sites to download FREE icons: Dryicons @dryicons #Pictures #Icons Tweet

Dryicons has over 6,000 vector icons to its credit, all of which are grouped into 77 packs. If you want variety in styles and designs, then check out this site. You can download in formats that are already familiar to you, such as SVG, PNG and PSD. It’s a pretty neat site, as you can choose icons by selecting them by category.


9th in the ranking of the best sites to download FREE icons: Iconfinder # Pictures #Images @iconfinder Tweet

The largest icon website is Iconfinder and its more than 5 million icons stored there attest to that. If you want free icons, you should know that more than 2300 designers post their work there daily. This gives you an idea of the wide variety you will find when designing your creative project.

The dimensions of these icons vary, as do the file formats available. You can choose between PNG, ICO, ICNS, SVG and Adobe Illustrator’s own format. If you need one of the designers to make custom icons just for you, you can contact them and arrange affordable prices.


10th in the ranking of the best sites to download FREE icons: Orion #Icons #Illustrations Tweet

More than just a website, Orion is a fully interactive application, where you can create your own icon collections using package libraries, default templates and the designs that are available in the application. You can build your own collection of over 7,000 free icons and download them in SVG or PNG file formats.

Flat Icon

11th in the ranking of best FREE icon download sites: Flat Icon #Icons #Images @flaticon Tweet

Flat Icon has the largest vector icon database on the planet. There are almost 4 million totally different designs and you can convert them into formats that you can download with absolute ease. It’s a site launched by the same creators as Freepik, so the talent and quality of these designs is second to none.

All you have to do is attribute the icons you post from Flat Icon with a link, otherwise you can save the designs you choose to the site’s internal library for later use.

Find Icons

12th in the ranking of best FREE icon download sites: Free Images #Photos #Icons Tweet

This website offers you more than 500,000 free icons, all in more than 3,000 packs. It is one of the sites with the largest number of file download formats, with up to 11 different types. The quality of the icons varies and you can find icons from Find Icons in low and high resolution.


13th in the ranking of best FREE icon download sites: Icon54 #Photos #Illustrations @54_icon Tweet

The Icon54 website is one of the most visited, as it has a collection of more than 6 thousand icons grouped in more than 150 different categories. The quality of the icons is such that they are in high demand, despite having a small number of designs. You will find several file formats, from the most traditional to those that are 100% web-focused. Thus, you have a wide range of opportunities at Icon54.


14th in the ranking of best FREE icon download sites: Iconshock #Photos #Icons @IconSchock Tweet

Iconshock is a website focused on designing free icons grouped into specific themes. You can choose to download icons individually or by theme, all in AI, PNG and SVG format. The icons are of excellent quality and with styles you haven’t seen anywhere else. To download them, you have to register on the website.


15th in the ranking of best FREE icon download sites: Behance #Illustrations @icons_8 @Behance Tweet

If you need high quality, professional designer quality icons, Behance is the website for you to take a look at. Apart from having a lot of designs to look at, they are all absolutely beautiful and have no competitors. To find the ones you really want, you have to do an exhaustive search, but we assure you that the wait will be absolutely worth it.


16th in the ranking of best FREE icon download sites: IcoMoon #Icons #Images @_vect_ Tweet

It is an application that you can download from multiple platforms to explore a variety of over 5 thousand free icons. In addition, the web application and the icons found there are open source. So you can both download and upload your own creations there for others to see and, if they like them, they can download them.

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