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Music is the echo of our emotions, a sonorous universe that envelops us and invites us to explore its infinite dimensions. In this musical journey, blogs act as intrepid guides, leading us along sonorous paths that surprise and elevate us. Without further ado, join us in the fascinating world of the 11 best music blogs in English, where every keystroke is a note and every click is a ticket to an endless virtual concert.

What are the best music and entertainment blogs in English?

Discover the vibrant worlds of music and entertainment with the best English-language blogs. From concert reviews to artist interviews, these blogs offer a window into the contemporary music scene. Explore new tunes and stay up to date with the latest entertainment news.

Music Times is not only a reference in music news, it also offers comprehensive coverage of the global music scene. With album reviews, exclusive interviews and daily updates, it keeps fans informed about the latest releases and trends. Here you will find an incredible variety of music genres, such as pop or indie, and an informative experience for music lovers looking to stay on top of the latest in the industry.

We Rave You

It is an ideal blog if you are a fan of electronic music. With detailed coverage of events, interviews with renowned DJs and reviews of the latest tracks, it has established itself as a reliable source for EDM lovers. Its focus on innovation and constant updating makes it an essential destination for exploring the pulsating world of electronic music.


This is one of the best music blogs in English, as it specializes in the K-pop music genre. With daily updates, it offers fresh news on groups, releases and events. Its exclusive interviews, in-depth reviews and concert coverage provide a deep dive into the world of K-pop. It is a must-read destination for fans looking to keep up with the latest trends and happenings in the Korean music industry.

Top 40 Charts

Top40 Charts emerges as a key resource for music enthusiasts, providing comprehensive access to the global charts. With real-time updates, the blog offers detailed reviews, news and trend analysis on popular music. Its precise focus on the hits of the moment makes it an essential tool for tracking the evolution of today’s music scene.

The Music Essentials

The Music Essentials can’t miss on your list of the best music blogs in English if you are an electronic music lover. It offers in-depth coverage of events, festivals and releases, keeping fans updated with the latest trends and news. With exclusive interviews, detailed reviews and curated playlists, the blog provides a complete immersion into the global electronic music scene, being a valuable resource for keeping up to date on this genre.


When it comes to English-language music blogs, is a must, offering an eclectic approach and a wide range of content, from the latest songs and albums to news highlights from the world of music. Its in-depth reviews, exclusive interviews and carefully selected playlists create an immersive experience for discovering new musical expressions.

Our Culture Mag / Music

With diverse content, Ourculturemag spans genres and emerging artists, the blog provides insightful reviews, exclusive interviews and trend analysis. Its in-depth coverage of music events and relevant news makes it a must-read destination for those looking to stay on top of the global music scene.

Just Random Things

Justrandomthings offers a unique experience for music fans. The reason? Here you’ll have access to in-depth reviews and analysis, dives into the diversity of today’s music scene. Highlighting emerging artists, it provides comprehensive coverage of events and releases. This blog is a valuable destination for those looking to explore and understand the richness and variety of contemporary music.

Contact Music

This site has positioned itself as a significant source of information for music enthusiasts, as it encompasses comprehensive coverage of news, reviews and interviews, providing an in-depth view of the current music scene. Its insightful analysis and focus on emerging artists creates an immersive experience for exploring the diversity of contemporary music and associated cultural events.

Metal Shout

The best choice for metal fans, it provides comprehensive coverage including news, reviews and interviews, providing an in-depth view of the genre. Its special focus on emerging artists and events within the metal scene creates an immersive experience for those seeking to understand the diversity and vitality of the contemporary metal music scene.

The Music Universe

Another of the best music blogs in English Musicuniverse is presented as an essential reference for music lovers. It doesn’t matter if you are a pop music lover or prefer indie music, this blog has something for everyone. Its news, interviews and reviews are made by real professionals, so you won’t have to surf for hours on the Internet to find the best information on current music.

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